Package Type Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems

Package Type Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems

The wastewater collected in the wastewater equalization tank firstly passes through the screen to collect garbage, cloth, etc. in the wastewater and is separated from the solid impurities. The wastewater passing through the reactor is contacted with activated sludge. In a sequential batch reactor, the organic matter contained in the wastewater is converted into CO2 and water with the help of aerobic bacteria. The necessary oxygen and mixture air for this is provided by the blower located in the unit. The entire system works fully automatically.

The air supplied from the blower is distributed to the entire tank with the membrane rubber diffusers giving a fine air bubble. Organic pollution-free wastewater is left in the reactor and the bacteria mass used for treatment settles.

When the purified water separated from the bacterial mass by leaving it to precipitate is discharged by the submersible discharge pump, the hypochlorite is dosed and disinfected finally.

Biological package wastewater treatment systems provide a reliable treatment in accordance with the Water Quality Law No. 1380 and the Environmental Law No. 2872, Acceptance Discharge Standards specified in the Water Pollution Control Regulation.

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