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ROTATEK Arıtma ve Çevre Teknolojileri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Realizes, on every scale, the services of design, manufacturing, commitment and post-sale support for commercial and industrial water treatment systems.

ROTATEK,  with its studies,aims at rarefying the quality and efficiency of manufacturing in industry by enabling the quality of drinking water, which is one of the most vital needs go human being and the process water that is necessary for industry.

ROTATEK takes maximum care for key points for each kinds of activity.

  • to accommodate the customer with right detection of the need and optimum engineering solution.

  • to enable the system that will be installed to be easy to operate and control.

  • to continue a close relationship with the customer through the post-sale technique service support.

  • to enable the customer with the most suitable technology, equipment and service support, without falling for commercial concern.

  • to train the customer representative best.

  • to enable documentation support for the combined design.

  • delivery on time.

ROTATEK finds sectoral specific engineering solution in regards with the preparing the process water that industrial plants such as  food, soft drink, textile, cosmetics, chemicals, electronics, energy, chemistry, automotive etc  need .

ROTATEK realizes specific treatment systems, design, manufacturing and assembling commitments for Domestic/ Commercial and Industrial  (chemicals, food, soft drink, textile, electronics etc.) sectors.

As ROTATEK, we have been making efforts in order to do better and to define high standards both for ourselves and for the products we manufacture for our customers. We have been working to reach for the best product and service quality. Not letting it go like that, we have been searching for the methods that will carry us to the best.


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