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ROTATEK Water and Environmental Technologies Ltd. Co.

Founded in 2004, ROTATEK Water and Environmental Technologies Ltd. Co. performs design, manufacturing, contracting and after-sales support services of domestic, commercial and industrial water treatment systems of all scales.

Rotatek aims to increase the quality of production and efficiency by providing the quality of drinking water and the quality process water needed in the industry.

Rotatek pays utmost attention to key issues in all of its activities.

  • Accurate determination of the process water quality required by the industry and offering the optimum solution to the customer.
  • The system to be installed is easy to operate and controllable.
  • Providing the most suitable technology, equipment and service support to the customer without falling into commercial concerns.
  • Providing documentation support for the finished design.
  • Correct orientation of the customer
  • Delivery on time.

As Rotatek, we set high standards for the products it produces for itself and for its customers, and we strive to constantly do better.

We work to achieve the best product and service quality. We are not satisfied with what we have achieved, but we are looking for methods to achieve better.Realizes, on every scale, the services of design, manufacturing, commitment and post-sale support for commercial and industrial water treatment systems.

ROTATEK designs sector specific water treatment systems for industrial plants such as  food, bewerage, textile, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, petrochemicals, electronics, power plants, automotive etc.

As ROTATEK, we have been making efforts in order to do better and to define high standards both for ourselves and for the products we manufacture for our customers. We have been working to reach for the best product and service quality. Not letting it go like that, we have been searching for the methods that will carry us to the best.


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