Ozonization Systems

Ozonization Systems

Ozone is a chemical that has a disinfectant effect due to its high oxidation potential. The ozone gas produced by the ozone generator is brought into contact with water in the ozone contact tank. Ozone systems have been used for disinfection of water in drinking water bottling and filling facilities as well as for swimming pool disinfection in recent years.

Since ozone is the gas which has extremely high capacity of oxidation, it can be used for the removal of disinfection and organic/inorganic materials. Since it turns out to oxygen and disappears, it remains no residual, and harmful by-product occurrence is minimum.

  • Preozonation in drinking water treatment facilities.(Instead of pre-chlorine that produces carcinogenic by products.)

  • Ozonization of filling water or floating water in drinking water bottling facilities.

  • Removal of organic materials (COD oxidation in waste water)

  • Iron/manganese oxidation (removal from water by ozonization + filtration)

  • Nitrite oxidation to nitrate

  • Oxidation of toxicants such as cyanide, phenol, pesticides, chlorinated hydrocarbon

  • Removal of color in waste water (Especially textile waste water.)

  • Optimization of biological treatment capability of waste water. (increasing the ratio of BOD/COD)

  • Removal of smell (Oxidation of the organic that constitutes smell in the air.)

  • Ozone instead of biocid dosing in cooling towers.

  • Instead of CIP chemicals, using ozone-water in cleaning of production lines in the industries such as good, soft drink, etc.

  • Ozonization in circulation water of swimming pools (Ozonization + Low rate chlorine)

  • Utilization of ozone in incubation houses where fish is produced (Especially closed circuit systems)

  • Utilization of ozone for chemical synthesis in chemical industry.

  • Utilization of ozone instead of chlorine/ chlorine dioxide in paper industry for the purpose of bleaching.

  • Ozonization of environmental air in order to lengthen the life of fruits and vegetables in cold storage.

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