Containerized Water Treatment Systems

Containerized Water Treatment Systems

Containerized water treatment systems can easily be moved and relocated due to their mobile structure. Containerized water treatment systems are manufactured using standard ISO containers of 20 ft and 40 ft. Containerized systems can be equipped with sandwich panel heat insulation and air conditioning system depending on the installation location. The most important advantage of containerized water treatment systems is that they are ready to install and ready to operate.

  • 20 ft ve 40 ft ISO container

  • Equipment fixing fully comply with sea worthy and land shipping

  • Labelling comply with international transportation

  • Corrosion resistant epoxy painted

  • Internal installation of all equipments

  • Indoor lighting

  • Service door

  • CSC certificated

  • Sandwich panel heat insulation
  • A/C conditioner
  • Service door with vent
  • Investigation report

In case of need, containerized water treatment systems are investigated and certificated by a third party investigation company (i.e. SGS, BV) Investigation inclues below check & control stages.

  • Manufacturing specifications conformity audit

  • Visual quality controls of water treatment units

  • Supervision during performance test

  • Critical design controls

  • Quantity controls

  • Marking controls

  • Visual quality controls

  • Product fotographing


Containerized water treatment systems are mobile systems preferred generally on remote areas and outdoor applications. Containerized systems are manufactured completely installed ready to start compact systems with 20 ft or 40 ft ISO containers. Different type of water treatment processes may be used depending on raw water source and required product water quality. 

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