Deionization Systems

Deionization Systems

Standart Specifications

De-ionization facilities are generally used for pure and/or ultra pure water supply that is needed high pressure boiler feed water and pharma industry, chemicals, petrochemical industry and electronics industry.

ROTATEK De-ionization Facilities composes with two individual pressure tanks, consisting of cation and anion exchange resins. Depending on raw water parameters and pure water quality, different resin types can be used. Firstly, cations in water are replaced with hydrogen ion that bounds on the resin. Then, anions in water passing to the anion colon are replaced with hydroxide ions bounding on the resin. Water that passes through cation and anion water is the pure water, which is a chemical combination of hydrogen and hydroxide ions.

  • High-pressure steam boiler feed
  • Computer chip washing
  • Pharma industry process water
  • Micro electronics
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