Edi Electrodeionization Systems

Edi Electrodeionization Systems

Edı Elektrodeiyonizasyon

EDI Electrodeionization is a continuous and chemical-free process of removing ions from the feed water using DC power. EDI Electrodeionization is used to polish reverse osmosis (RO) permeate and to replace conventional mixed bed ion exchange, which eliminates the need to store and handle hazardous chemicals used for resin regeneration and associated waste neutralization requirements. EDI modules are designed to optimize performance, maintain continuous product quality and can produce up to 18M?-cmhigh-purity water with high silica and boron rejection.

EDI systems from GE deliver reliable, low-cost ultrapure water (up to 18MOhm-cm Resistivity) for multiple applications:


·         General industry

·         Power generation


·         Semiconductors


·         Microelectronics


·         Pharmaceuticals


·         Food and beverage



EDI technology removes not only residual salts but also ionizable aqueous species, such as carbon dioxide, silica, ammonia and boron. The systems operate chemical free, achieve 95 percent water recovery and consume only electricity. EDI systems provides key advantages over traditional ion-exchange processes:


·         Eliminating expensive and hazardous chemicals used in ion-exchange resin regeneration


·         Reducing energy and operating expenses


·         Reducing the facility size requirement


·         Helping plants meet ISO 14000 requirements


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