Package Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems

Package Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems

Bacteria culture is used in a controlled manner in biological wastewater treatment plants. The live bacteria community in the biological reactor tank is shortly defined as "activated sludge". Living microorganisms in the activated sludge tank use the organic matter in the wastewater as food in order to reproduce. During this process, the microorganism community also uses oxygen to burn organic matter in its body. As a result of the burning of oxygen and organic matter inside the cell, carbon dioxide and water are formed.

The oxygen needed by the living bacteria community is transferred to the aeration tank (biological reactor) by an air blower through diffusers laid on the bottom of the activated sludge tank. The purpose of the diffusers is to give the air given to the tank in small bubbles to facilitate the passage of oxygen to water. The air particles coming out of the diffusers on the aeration tank bottom also prevent the activated sludge in the tank from settling, allowing the sludge to remain in a complete mixture. The process that the aeration continues is actually the wastewater treatment process of the bacterial culture. At the end of this process, the live activated sludge bacteria culture in the reaction tank is left to settle by turning off the blower. At the end of the settling period, the treated water remaining on the tank is given to the receiving environment by a discharge pump. Microorganism activity that may occur in the wastewater is prevented by adding liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) via the dosage pump during the discharge to the treated water. At the end of the Filling - Aeration - Settling and Discharging process, the system returns to the beginning and the same treatment processes are repeated continuously.

Package Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems

The wastewater collected in the wastewater equalization tank firstly passes through the screen to collect garbage, cloth, etc. in the wastewater and is separated from the solid impurities. The wastewater passing through the reactor is contacted with activated sludge. In a sequential batch reactor, the organic matter contained in the wastewater is converted into CO2 and water with the help of aerobic bacteria. The necessary oxygen and mixture air for this is provided by the blower located in the unit. The entire system works fully automatically.

The air supplied from the blower is distributed to the entire tank with the membrane rubber diffusers giving a fine air bubble. Organic pollution-free wastewater is left in the reactor and the bacteria mass used for treatment settles.

When the purified water separated from the bacterial mass by leaving it to precipitate is discharged by the submersible discharge pump, the sodiumhypochlorite is dosed and disinfected finally.

Biological package wastewater treatment systems provide a reliable treatment in accordance with the Water Quality Law No. 1380 and the Environmental Law No. 2872, Acceptance Discharge Standards specified in the Water Pollution Control Regulation.

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