Hydroflow Lime Stone Preventive

Hydroflow Limescale Prevention

Hydropath Technology prevents the formation of limescale due to increases of temperature and pressure change, under all normal operating conditions.

Hydroflow Limescale Prevention

When using Hydropath Technology to protect plate heat exchangers, existing scale in the pipes upstream of the device will be broken down. This will lead to excess precipitate in the heat exchangers, which can continue to cause scale for the first few weeks. If the plate heat exchanger is heated using steam, it is advised that the hot steam supply is connected to the same side as the water return. The heat exchanger will give increased performance through the avoidance of boiling. 

Where a recirculating system involves evaporation, e.g. cooling towers or humidifiers, the suspended crystals must be removed using filtration (<50 microns) or blow down to avoid concentration. On initial application existing scale will be broken down leading to an excess of precipitate, which users must address. The easiest approach is to increase blow down. A suitable filter with automatic back wash will also control the problem and will reduce water costs. pH can be controlled using sulphuric acid to reduce the rate of precipitation.

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