Grey Water Treatment Systems

Grey Water Treatment Systems

Household wastewater from bathtubs and sinks that do not contain phoseptic waters is called ´GREY WATER´. Water obtained from gray water conversion is in compliance with the DIN 19650 standard and is in the nature of sanitary conditions as prescribed by EU regulations.

We can use gray water instead of clean water, which we use in cleaning work and not drinking water quality. Thus, by providing the recycling of the water, we will greatly reduce the water costs as well as the contribution we make to nature.

Thanks to the production technology of the filters and the high treatment capacity, the Gray Water Recovery System does not require any chemical cleaning, disinfection units (chlorination, ozonation, etc.) during operation. Chemical cleaning for the system is done only once a year and during maintenance. Since no backwashing is done for cleaning purposes during operation, the inlet valve can be used completely and no water loss is experienced.

Gray Water Recovery Systems purify the water in three stages based on the membrane rejuvenation method which is the most modern water treatment technology of today.

In the first stage, water is aerated at regular intervals, increasing the amount of oxygen in the water and providing the ideal environment for the life of bacteria. In this way, biological treatment is carried out by aerobic bacteria in order to eliminate the water smell, coloring and organic substances in the water.

After the biological treatment is completed, the gray water is passed through the filter modules using the vacuum technique and the final use is made ready. Thanks to its special design, the filter removes more water in a very short period of time by preventing the formation of a resistance during the treatment of the water. It also filters out all known microbes and bacteria by creating a real barrier through very small pores (<0.2 μm).

  • The system is fully packaged and only gray water inlet, purified water outlet and power supply connections are sufficient.

  • The PLC is running fully automatic and does not require any intervention.

  • Specialist personnel are not required for operation and maintenance.

  • The delivery and installation time is very short.

  • Purified water can be used in WC reservoirs, garden irrigation and car wash.

  • There is no noise problem 

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