Grey Water Treatment Systems

Grey Water Treatment Systems

Grey water is defined as the part of domestic wastewater collected from showers and sinks other than toilet waste. Although it varies according to the geographical location and climate, approximately 70% of the domestic wastewater resources are of gray water quality.

Recycling domestic gray water resources by treating them contributes to the protection of water resources as well as to the protection of the water balance in nature.

Gray water treatment technologies include MBR (membrane bio reactor), SBR (Sequencing batch biological reactor) and RBC (Rotating biological disc) treatment technologies.

MBR technology is a method in which biological treatment, microfiltration and ultrafiltration technologies are used together. Due to its compactness and relatively small footprint, the MBR method is particularly advantageous in regions where urbanization is intense and land is valuable.

MBR module COD removal efficiency is between 80 - 98%, and turbidity removal efficiency is in the range of 98-99%.

In the first stage of grey water treatment, water is delivered to the biological treatment tank where aeration will be made. This process is called as biological treatment in the tank. In the meantime, the oxygen used by the living microorganisms is transferred to the aeration tank by an air blower through diffusers laid on the bottom of the tank. In this way, microorganism growth is provided in the tank. Thanks to the biological vitality formed in the tank, the odor, color and organic substances (BOD, COD) of grey water are removed.

After the biological treatment stage, the gray water is filtered from the MBR module with a vacuum technique with a sensitivity of 0.045 microns to remove all bacteria and microorganisms.

The system works fully automatically via PLC control unit. System does not require expert personnel for its operation and maintenance.

Purified gray water can be used in toilet reservoirs, landscape irrigation and vehicle washing.

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